Total Knee Replacement

The planning of knee replacements uses technology such as CT scan, xray and MRI to adequately plan the position of implants for the knee to make it stable and bend appropriately.

Intra operative measures  used would include navigation and robotic.  

Having previously used patient specific instrumentation planning software for the last ten years, I have transitioned to using some intra operative robotics to help that positioning an planning of the definitive prosthetic position.

The use of a robotic arm is not greatly different to the previous planning but its implementation is assisted with real time navigation to help achieve a result as accurate as possible.

There are many robotic systems on the market and the knee system that I have successfully used in the last 13 years has not changed.  I have been very pleased with using Zimmer Next-gen/Persona system and that performs well on the Joint Registry.

There is considerable market occurring regarding the use of robotics in orthopaedic surgery and  I  use the most up to date appropriate technology for patients individual conditions.